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Levels of Participation

Digital Discipleship Boot Camp offers three levels of participation:

The Pastoral Technology Certificate Level

The Pastoral Technology Certificate level is designed to mentor and prepare catechetical and ministry staff in gaining 21st Century skills in communication and faith-based educational technology, teachers seeking continuing education credit for re-certification, and those who are eager to learn more about using Web 2.0 tools in ministry. This advanced level offers you maximum training and benefits, providing a planned series of study designed to give you hands-on experience that will enhance your ministry to meet 21st Century needs. You will participate in eight live webinars with your co-participants and coaches. You will complete all the homework for the course, and write a 500 word essay about your experience. Your creativity will be challenged to design and implement a final Capstone Project that you will customize for your ministry or classroom. Finally, will submit a written article that will help others see how they could replicate a project like yours in their own ministry setting. Our coaches and mentors work with you every step of the way, providing encouragement and support.

DDBC is approved by the University of Dayton for 3.5 Continuing Education Unit (CEU)s. Participants who compleUofD_Logo_3te all required work as specified in the Pastoral Technology Certificate Level will be eligible to apply for these CEUs.

The Introductory Level

This level is best for those who are wondering what is happening in the area of faith-based educational technology and who have minimal computer skills. No homework is required; participants are invited to view all webinars and participate in online discussions through the DDBC Facebook Group, Digital Catechesis, and other suggested ways to connect and collaborate with others interested in digital discipleship.

The Apprentice Level

This level is best for those who do not want to complete the Capstone Project. The requirements for this level expect you to attend or view all the modules to complete all homework assignments in the given time frame. Participants of this level become eligible for a Certificate of Attendance for 20 contact hours.

Course Process

The course process is designed to immerse you in the use of technology in ministry so that you will quickly learn a new culture, a new language, and new skills.  How? We engage you in hands-on experiences using blogs, wikis, and a variety of helpful digital tools.  We engage you in professional development either face-to-face or by online experiences. Our three part process of developing your Digital Mind is a proven and effective method of adult learning.

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