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DDBC Overview

catechists-and-technologyDigital Discipleship Boot Camp (DDBC) is a guided course of study that will help you understand how web-based technology and social media can be applied in ministry settings. It is an opportunity for catechetical leaders at all levels to learn the basics of faith-based educational technology and new media. This is your opportunity to gain the needed skills to be a Digital Disciple.

Why do we call this program Boot Camp? Because we offer you survival skills that you will need to be an effective communicator of the faith in today’s digital environment. We will equip you to use the new media tools of today: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, digital storytelling tools, webinars, using smart phones in ministry, and all kinds of collaborative web-based applications. Everything we teach is intended to be adapted to your ministry.

Digital Discipleship Boot Camp is intended for Parish Catechetical Leaders, Catholic school teachers, Directors of Faith Formation, Youth Ministers, Catholic school administrators, or anyone with a desire to learn more about technology’s relevance to faith formation.

Your participation will help you…

  • Update your technology skills with practical, hands-on training
  • Explore safe, free and affordable technology tools
  • Learn National Educational Technology Standards
  • Creatively apply what you learn to the classroom or catechetical setting
  • Discover the new discipline of Pastoral Technology
  • Prepare to lead students, faculty, and catechists to a better understanding and use of web-based technology for faith formation
  • Meet other Catholics who wish to remain connected via digital communication beyond the scope of Digital Discipleship Boot Camp

DDBC is structured as a series of eight online webinars that are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly with additional time for participants completing Capstone Projects. However, we know that watching a webinar doesn’t change what we do in ministry or even how we do it. You need hands-on experience trying out the ideas you learn about in our modules. DDBC gives you that experience, as well as the support of DDBC coaches and the lively interaction of your co-participants.

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