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Mission and Vision

DSC02831Our Mission

The mission of DDBC is to provide training in technology for those involved in catechesis or pastoral ministry in parish, campus and diocesan settings.

We are dedicated to inspire, train and equip Catholic ministers to become lifelong learners and evangelizers with New Media.

We are ministers engaging our peers in retooling our current methodologies to integrate technology in catechesis and evangelization for all ages.


Our Vision

Ministry Focused: We are committed to assisting catechetical and pastoral ministers to learn and apply technology and digital tools to their ministries.

Excellence: We pursue excellence through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, creative activity and service. We embrace the Digital Disciple Competencies and encourage our participants to do the same in their own settings.

Diversity: We embrace diversity in all dimensions, realizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success. We strive to bridge the “digital divide” whenever possible.

Collaboration: We affirm and recognize that today’s digital tools allow us to collaborate with one another in ways that we have never before imagined. We value collaboration as a path to creating a global community of pastoral technology ministers.

Digital Citizenship:  We commit to modeling and facilitating an understanding of social, ethical and legal issues and responsibilities related to an evolving digital culture.

Creative Practice: We teach a blend of theory and real world examples of the digital culture in which we now live. Participants experience hands-on practice in technology applied to ministry.

Community: We strive to build an online community of ministers who are using technology in ministry. The purpose of this community is to support the real world, face-to-face ministry work being done in the Church.

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