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“I am writing to offer my great appreciation for the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp that we took part in last winter. ..I enjoyed the experience and came away with great ideas on how to enhance our ministry with technology.”

Claire McManus
Director of the Office of Faith Formation
Diocese of Fall River

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp experience for both myself and my associate, Paul Thomas. Each of the sessions opened us up to new ways of using technology in catechesis. Besides just learning about the types of technology that is available, the assignments of the program enabled us to practically use and become comfortable with them in our ministry.”

Lorraine DeLuca
Office of Lifelong Catholic Formation/Education
Diocese of Beaumont

“I must say, that the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp that has been offered twice in the past two years has been the best of the best with regard to the impact that it is having in our ministry context in this area of West Central Florida.  Not only have individuals from many differing ministry settings, e.g. Parish Faith Formation, Catholic Schools, and Diocesan Leaders had the opportunity to learn and grow in their technical skills, but they have inspired others to expand their skills and join them in new approaches to evangelizing and catechizing the people of God of our diocese and beyond.
The projects that the participants have undertaken have captured the imagination of many and have already
provided new means of ministering to and with children, youth, and adults.”

Brian A. Lemoi, Executive Director
Office of Evangelization & Lifelong Faith Formation
Diocese of St. Petersburg

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